3 Smoothie recipes you can make in 5 minutes

3 Smoothie recipes you can make in 5 minutes

Many people swear by smoothies as their go-to on the go. They’re quick, convenient, packed with nutrients, and there’s nothing quite as refreshing as an ice-cold smoothie on a hot day, after the gym, on the commute to work or pretty much anywhere.

And luckily, smoothies are easy to make and hard to mess up, so you don’t need to be intimidated by them. 

You’ll need a good blender (or a stick blender can work if you don’t mind some bits) and then you can use your favourite seasonal fruits. We’ve created 3 smoothie recipes below for you to start with. 

Some helpful hints for making smoothies:

  • Cut up your fruit on the day you buy it and freeze it in airtight containers or ziplock bags that are easy to stack. Then, you can just take one out in the morning and put it straight in the blender. It will save you the hassle of chopping and cleaning up each day and because the fruit is already frozen, you won’t need to add ice to keep your smoothie cool as it blends. 
  • On that note, many blenders tend to heat up the liquid a bit just because of the pure force of their spin, so it’s good to not blend for too long or, if you want it super smooth, add more ice at the end to cool it.
  • If you need to add a bit of sweetness to your smoothie, dates are handy, as is a bit of raw honey.
  • If you’re headed out for a hike or to the beach for the day, you can always freeze already-blended smoothies ahead of time and take them with you. By the time you’re parched and in need of refreshment, they’ll be defrosted enough to drink.
  • You can also add protein powder to your smoothie and you won’t even taste it because of all the other lovely flavours. We advise going for a powder that is unsweetened and plain, though, as the ones that have high levels of sweeteners like stevia tend to make your smoothie super sweet. 
  • Treat recipes as a guideline only. If it says to use half a banana, but then you have half a banana that will go to waste, rather just put the full banana in. No fruit gets left behind! 

Beetroot and berry smoothie recipe

Beet smoothie
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NOTE: Since the bananas are frozen, you may not need the ice. It depends on how cold you want it and how smooth you want it. 

Detoxing green smoothie recipe

green smoothie
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NOTE: You can use a small handful of pineapple cubes. The more you use, the sweeter it will be. 

Chocolate and nut smoothie recipe

Choc-nut smoothie
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NOTE: If you want it thicker, use more milk than water; if you want it runnier, use more water than milk. 
You can also freestyle and add a spice of your choice, such as a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

So there you have three super simple recipes to follow. Feel free to substitute different ingredients according to your tastes. The main thing is to give yourself nutrients in a tasty, quick and convenient way, so that when life gets busy, you stay nourished. 

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