About Us

Aruna Foods is a plant-based vegan food business that was started with a strong focus on the love of vegetables and an appreciation for depth of flavour and healthy eating. Or quite simply, feeding your soul. Our mission is to inspire healthier eating by connecting people to real food.

“I love cooking and preparing beautiful plates of food, and the energy I receive when someone has eaten a bowlful of love that I have prepared or taught them to prepare is indescribable.”

Founder of Aruna Foods

Frozen Meals

Aruna Foods’ plant-based vegan menu was chosen with care and packed full of layers of flavour. The frozen meals are easy to heat in both the microwave, oven and stove top, as well as quick and convenient. They are great to stock up for a lazy dinner that you know was made with love and great ingredients.


These rusks are full of really great ingredients. No sugar except for apples and dried fruit. The ideal snack that is good for you!

Events & Retreats

9 OCTOBER 2021 – Yoga & Brunch

Inspiring healthy eating by connecting more people to real food.