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Standard Bank
Account Name: Aruna Foods
Account Number: 10136232602
Branch Code: 051001

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About ME

I am a lover of vegetables and all ethically grown, prepared and created food. I began my food journey in 2005 at Silwood Kitchen. Since then, my love for food has continued to grow day by day.

Silwood is a French based cookery school, and I am so grateful to have such a strong foundation to build on. I believe that grounding has enabled me to understand real depth of flavor and I use that knowledge to create recipes that will thrill your taste buds or just bubble away happily with simple pure bursts of flavor with each bite.

I moved from Cape Town to work at Spar in retail and gained strength in working with people and leading a team. It was there that my love for teaching started.

In 2011, I moved to the UK and worked at a Babington House in Somerset, Bertinet bakery in Bath, Jamie Oliver’s cookery school and Leith School of Food and Wine, both in London.

While at Jamie Oliver’s, I began my plant based food journey, understanding that vegetables can be more than just a tasty side or a salad. I swore I would never stop eating meat, but over the years that journey has ebbed and flowed as I gain more new and interesting knowledge of animal protein and its origins.

I am a lover of food. I hate waste and find absolute joy in a meal made with all the bits left in the fridge, only to stock it up fresh the next day.

Making food for people brings me so much pleasure and the hours spent preparing are worth every satisfied belly. I have realised that too many people eat 2 to three unhealthy meals a day. It is a real passion of mine to slowly teach people that veggies can be a meal, and give them them access to healthy, tasty and real homemade goodness whenever they eat my food.